Activating the Gift of Divine Wisdom (DW)

27/05/2011 17:47


Note the following fundamentals

1.        God is the eternal Source, Giver of DW

2.      Our redemption in Christ and regular fellowship with Him regularly impact our lives with His wisdom

3.      His wisdom deposits in us, as with sugar in a cup of tea unstirred, also as with Newton’s law of motion or inertia, needs stirring to practically impact / benefit our lives

4.     Being the fundamental Source, the Bench Mark of DW, the Word of God is also the stirring rod of wisdom potentials in a believer. He validates all issues of human dealings with God.



Three approaches of:

1.        Consistent feeding on the word of God

2.      Exercising in the word and

3.      Praying in the word

are the activating factors slated for discussions in this meeting



1.        Approach the Bible from feeding perspective for your spirit-man as you do beans and rice for your body wellbeing

2.      Give it full attention on daily basis, (Prov 4 v 22) through the channels of

a.     Reading, II Tim 3 v 15

b.     Listening to messages, Prov 1 v 20;33



The value of what you eat is in the level of exercise engaged in post eating. Such exercise is through the CHANNELS of

1.        Meditation – i.e. ‘thinking with God through His word’, an exercise likened to regurgitation in ruminant which allows them settle down for rechewing and drawing of values out of the straws fed on, Psa 119 v 97, Joshua 1 v 8

2.      Declaring and Confessing the word – Isa 43 v 26, Isa 44 v 26. Until you declare or say something on the word you fed on there is nothing for God to confirm or make real; your mouth, apparently small in size, is the trigger for release of wisdom / power potentials for you and your generations

3.      Obedience – This third channel is doing exactly what he has instructed or commanded you to do heartfully as in his word. i.e. position yourself for the word to work in you, John


15 v 21, Matt 7 v 24-27, Mal 3 v 8. For instance, pay tithe(s) as in Mal 3 v 8-10 and the heaven opens for your financial blessing; obey Deut 28 v 1, and your multiple life blessings will be released.



1.        DW is activated by our asking in prayer, Matt 7 v 7, James 1 v 17, Jere 33 v 3

2.      Prayer is both an altar of release and impartation of God’s wisdom and power, Dan 2 v 19-23

3.      Angels are part of divine forces for showing us heavenly secrets at the instance of prayer, Dan 10 v 1-13

4.     Holy Ghost, the revelational gift of God, has a twofold function of showing us, John 16 v 13 and inspiring us to act right, Job 32 v 8. Inspiration is the movement of the Holy Ghost in the mental faculty of man, a vital force that reveals the God Almighty

Scriptural and life examples

a.     Daniel, Dan 5 v 11-12

b.     Joseph, Gen 39

c.      Bishop David Oyedepo (the eighteen hour vision that birth the commission)

Holy Ghost also helps us pray acceptable revelational prayer, groaning in the Spirit to draw out of God’s deposit(s) within



From the above, it can be seen that the unlimitedness of our breakthrough is a function of the richness of the true riches of the word of God in us and how we are able to activate such for practical use in our assignments.


See you on the mountain top of excellent spirit in Jesus Name.



Please extract questions and contributions from the members in addition to the following lead questions

1.        The wisdom viz the word of God in us is active enough and needs not to be activated. True of False

a.     False

2.      Name the studied three approaches to stirring power and wisdom potentials

a.     Consistent feeding on the word

b.     Exercising in the word

c.      Praying

3.      Mention three ways Holy Ghost helps our prayer in activating wisdom potential

a.     By showing or revealing

b.     By inspiration

c.      By helping revelational praying of groaning in the Spirit