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PURPOSE: - Is to raise successful businessmen. Having business means owing a system that produces income regardless of whether or not you show up for work.


BUSINESS: - Simply means buying and selling of goods and services.


MONEY: - Simply means anything that is generally acceptable as a medium of exchange and in the settlement of debts.


Working for money is hard work. But money working for you is an easy way to make money and no economic situation can affect you.


 Therefore the journey to make money work for you starts with skill acquisition.




Your greatest assets are your mind, idea, time and ability to solve problem (decision). Idea is the ruler of the world and the owner of idea rules the world. The mind that is thirsty for money cultivates idea and ideas that are expertly and well put into reality result to skill acquisition. Financial education is what you need to set up your mind and ideas to acquire skills and ones you have skill acquired, money will naturally come in irrespective of whether you have college education or not. But college education facilitate Ideas and improve skills to enable one operate at a higher level.


MY CASE STUDY: As an accountant I got a job and the salary was not meeting my entire personal and family financial requirement I quickly decide to learn business of trading. I joined an importer as servants at the level of the boys they pick from villages who have little or no college education. I started to learn the business of local and international business at zero level; working from 7am to 12 midnight, following open truck to deliver goods, pack it in the warehouse, mixing with the market women, collecting money, paying into bank. When the man saw my honesty and contentment, unavoidable he delegate the duty of allowing me to meet with the foreign partners to discuss business, supplies, price, items to input etc. All the skills required to run the business was acquired .Through the grace of God I was linked to the white man and established my own. Before then my colleagues who are accountants were laughing at me feeling superiors as bankers but today they are no more in the bank but in business of importation when they saw the power in money.


So skill is what it takes to set up a business and make money because what you have i.e. goods or service is what you give in exchange to get money. So when you need money you go to market that is where you can get money. Going to market means sitting down to think on how to get idea and knowledge of how to do something very well to satisfy peoples need; automatically money comes out of it. E.g. a brother that know how to barb gets customers from far and near his shop and even charge more than other barbers. The same to a woman that fries akara, prepare, akamu.  Acquire skill, money will follow you, enter, your house, bedroom and sit down and will not leave.


NOTE:  People could come to buy your skill because it is needed.


Since expert knowledge is the principal key to make money, how do I acquire the skill?


1. Decide on what to do: - There are two types of decision (1) inward decision (2) out ward decision.





  1. Inward decision: - is having innermost eye. Ability to see what others cannot see, taking decision by yourself based on what your mind tell you after seeing God and having a good thought over the business.
  2. Outward decision: - is telling people what you want to do and getting their advice. This is dangerous and can kill. Decision can only be hard work when it is based on outward.

2. Look for expert: -having decided on what to do as a business look for somebody that has the expert knowledge to learn the skill.

3. Time: - Spend enough time to learn the skill.

4. Character: - you need to be teachable your age; academic level, beauty etc should be suspended. Humility and endurance is required.

5.Hard working: - you need to be hard working in order to pick all, what you were thought or learned in the field at your private time to get it internalized

6. Be committed: - you have to be in the working place in time and always. Not being present always will make you half breed because whatever is thought or done in your absent you can’t know it.

7. Discuss with others: - relate with the people in the same line of the business, and discuss it with them. This will increase your knowledge in business.

8. Attend seminar and read books related to the business

9. Make friends with those who have made it in the same line of business.

10. Go for additional skill in line to the already acquired one to make difference.