Pathway to Glorious Destiny – Your Attitude, Psa 103 v 1-7

27/05/2011 17:47


We are focusing this time on the reality of supernatural wisdom in the natural setting of man as a proof that God works among men

Supernatural Wisdom: can be defined as;

1.        The right application of acquired knowledge of God, Prov 2

2.      The reception of God’s idea on a given subject of life and acting on it to be a real solution, Matt 7 v 24-28

3.      Applying oneself to the demands of detailed obedience of the word of God

4.     A gift God gives to those that desperately ask, John 3 v 2, James 1 v 5



1.        Supernatural Wisdom (SW) sustains anointing (power) and all it delivers to you

2.      SW is the driver of every colorful destiny on earth, Isa 11 v 1-3

3.      SW defends and gives life to them that have while money (any material wellbeing) can only defend – indeed money can kill without wisdom backup, Eccl 7 v 12, Pro 8 v 35, Prov 20 v 15

4.     SW is the reason for your reigning as a king, the redeemed of the Lord, Prov 8 v 15

5.      SW is the source of a believer’s true treasure or durable inheritance, Prov 8 v 18, Eccl 10 v 11, Prov 8 v 20-21

6.     SW gives ornament of grace and removes disgrace, Prov 4 v 9

7.      SW application makes you to be timely for your blessings, Prov 8 v 20-21

8.      SW separates you from the crowd for distinction and repositioning in honoring, Prov 8 v 18

9.     SW further impacts quick understanding and strength, Prov 8 v 14, Prov 24 v 5



The word of God is the source of SW to mankind, I Cor 2 v 16, John 3 v 3, Psa 107 v 20, II Cor 3 v 18, I Cor 1 v 24, Job 28 v 12 -13



Positive attitude toward God, of desperation in desire, thirst, cry and search for eternal relationship, in strongest terms of connectively or dependence, John 15 v 7, James 1 v 5, Prov 8 v 17

          Bible is the treasure bank of wisdom. God’s word / work is the revelation of His wisdom, Psa 111 v 1-10

          SW cannot be bought with money, it is priceless and given a gift to those in heart connectivity with and ask of God, Prov 8 v, Matt 7 v 7, Prov 8 v 10-11, Prov 2 v 1-7, James 1 v 5




1.        Jesus Christ (The Word), John 1 v 1, II Cor 3 v 18, Matt 13 v 54, I Cor 2 v 16

2.      Joseph, Gen 39

3.      Daniel, Daniel 2 v 26,28

4.     Bishop David Oyedepo: the vision and the accomplishing acts / testimonies in the ministry are sufficient proofs of SW at work

5.      The entire earth and the treasures within are proofs of SW, Prov 8 v 22-30, Prov 24 v 3-4, Gen 1 v 1-31



1.        SW  is the principal thing that makes you the principal man, Prov 4 v 7

2.      SW  enthrones and lifts you for a flight to the altitude (peak) of your destiny, Pro 8 v 15

3.      SW opens you up to strange visions to see what others cannot, thus making you stable in life changing environment, a candidate for leadership, I Chro 12 v 32

4.      It is SW reality for you to daily work on your habits for men do not really decide their future, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future, Rom 12 v 2, II Cor 3 v 18



1.        What is Supernatural Wisdom?

a.     Hearing God and acting on what He says


2.      Who or what is the source of Supernatural Wisdom?

a.     God in His word


3.      What is the cost of acquiring Supernatural Wisdom?

a.     Desperation in desire, thirst, asking and searching for Him in total dependency


4.     What does I Cor 1 v 24 says?

a.     To them that are called Christ has become the wisdom and power of God


5.      Name two (2) benefits of operating in Supernatural Wisdom

a.     You get and renew your life

b.     You get priceless, true and durable riches